Exploring Vigilance: Mira Road Police Station Unveiled

Location Details
Naya Nagar Police Station
Address: Evershine Road, near Wockhardt Hospital, Bharti Nagar, Mira Road, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107


Welcome to the heartbeat of protection in Mira Road – the Mira Road Police Station. Beyond its enforcing walls lies a haven of vigilance and order. Let's peel back the layers and delve into the nucleus of regulation enforcement that guarantees our community's safety.

The Sentinel Structure

Nestled at [location], Mira Road Police Station stands as an image of unwavering safety. Learn approximately the architectural nuances that contribute to its capability and presence.

Guardians of Peace

Explore the jobs and responsibilities of the dedicated men and women who don the uniform. Meet the faces behind the badges, committed to preserving regulation and order.

Tech at the Helm

Discover the technological advancements that empower Mira Road Police Station. From surveillance structures to communication equipment, witness how innovation enhances their ability to serve and defend.

Community Outreach Initiatives

Beyond implementing the law, Mira Road Police Station actively engages with the community. Uncover the various tasks and packages aimed at fostering a sturdy bond between the police force and the residents.

Historical Context

Delve into the history of Mira Road Police Station – a timeline of its evolution, challenges faced, and triumphs celebrated. Understanding the past offers insights into its present significance.


Mira Road Police Station, past being a shape of authority, is a community ally. As we conclude this adventure into its operations and ethos, bear in mind that your cooperation and recognition are fundamental to the synergy between law enforcement and the citizens.

Let's foster a safer Mira Road together! Stay informed, participate in community applications, and be vigilant. Your role is critical in ensuring that Mira Road stays a stable haven for all.

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